The Five Branches

Acupuncture: the placement of needles at specifically located points on the body to restore balance to the system. Acupuncture also includes several other modalities which may be utilized during treatment. These include cupping and gua sha which use tools to access wide areas of skin, muscle and fascial tissue, and moxabustion, which involves gently heating a point or area with smoldering herbs.

Herbology: traditionally a vital part of treatment is the prescribing of an herbal formula to continue and amplify an acupuncture session. Herbs are combined into any number of specific formulas developed throughout history and customized by the practitioner to meet the specific needs of the patient.

Massage: Chinese massage (tui na) is a relaxing technique that releases stress and pain from injured or tightened areas of the body. Sometimes it can feel like a deep tissue session and other times a light and soothing massage.

Diet: Diet is one of the most important pillars of good health. While going to acupuncture is self-care that can occur once or twice a week, diet is self-care that occurs three times a day! Dietary consultation is available upon request.

Exercise/ Spiritual Practice: Tai Qi and Qigong are a series of simple, gentle movements that strengthen the body, help with balance and coordination, and are mentally and spiritually recharging.